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Hip-Hop Loves Rio



Brazil currently houses the second largest population of people of African descent outside of Africa. In Rio alone, more than 5.5 million Brazilians of African descent live below the poverty level, and there is still important community building and educational work to do in those communities.
HHLF is co-producing several panel discussions and workshops this December, 2009 at Fight For Peace, a non profit organization in the Favela da Maré, as well as at the University of Rio de Janeiro (Uni-Rio Urca).

Hip-Hop in Brazil:
Brazilian Hip-Hop has served as a reflection of political, social, and racial issues plaguing the disenfranchised youth in the favelas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. While historically São Paulo has been the main location for Hip-Hop culture as a positive movement in Brazil, Rio has been a more underground phenomena and has not been as developed in terms of outlets for Hip-Hop artists dialoguing about positive social change.