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More was written and directed by Mark Osborne in 1998 and was the first short film to be shot with an IMAX camera. The short animation has garned numerous nominations and awards, including Sundance, SXSW and The Oscars.  12 years later, this clay production is still beautiful to watch while proving to be a timeless piece with a message that anyone can learn from – in your searchs and conquers, don’t lose sight of who you are, don’t let go of what is really important in life. “Eligia” by New Order is the music bed for this work of art and the song manages to take an already amazing creation to a higher level.  More has been called the “best short ever created” and I am yet to come across one that proves it wrong.

Miike Snow are Animals

I really don’t know what’s with Sweden and the music they make, but it is so freakin’ good and eventually addictive.  Miike Snow, with a freshman release that is packed with great songs from beginning to end,  continues to collaborate with many artists keeping their songs on heavy rotation and the band one to watch for.  Animal, Silvia, In Seach of...  the list goes on.  The band also takes a very artist and cinematic approach to their videos, a few picks below:

Outliers – The History of Success

“Outlier” is a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience.

Malcom Gladwell

In his third book, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell explores a new approach to analyzing success.  The book reveals that individual greatness is not enough to be #1 and we should pay attention to the experiences, culture and environment that also shape the “outlier.”  Gladwell explains, “We’ve been looking at tall trees, and I think we should have been looking at the forest.”  The book depicts success stories in history and pop culture, applying theories like the 10,000 hour rule to the careers of Steve Jobs and the Beatles, using different scenarios such as the rice cultivation ritual in China and the ethnic theory of plane crashes to illustrate and get his point across.  The book is a quick and worth read and you can get more on his views in this interview.