23 Nov 2010

Don’t Let Me Fall

“Now I’m in your house… now I’m

23 Nov 2010

“Now I’m in your house… now I’m in your souls…”

Staying on topic and not intentionally.  But I woke up to an email from Ethan Lader, who directed B.o.B.’s video for “Nothing On You” and just finished the music video for B.o.B.’s latest single, “Don’t Let Me Fall.”  Just the other day I was surfing channels and came across an acoustic performance of this song on Palladia.  It’s hypnotizing, I couldn’t switch until it was over.  His delivery fuels me in such a way that it awakens all the butterflies inside and makes my whole body warm up.  I just love this feeling and love it more when music does that.  Check out below Bobby Ray’s latest single “Don’t Let Me Fall.”

“What goes up, must come down, but don’t let me fall” … can you feel it?!!

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