05 Dec 2010

Yaegaki Sake Sunday

In 2004, Reiko Kushibiki became the first

05 Dec 2010

In 2004, Reiko Kushibiki became the first female Sake Master in the US for Yaegaki, importing an art form that dates back to 1666 when the original sake brewery was founded in Japan.  Known for brewing pure rice spiced with the richest local flavors, the brand is established on it’s high quality ingredients and use of traditional methods, even winning several prestigious awards.

Now, it took me years to give sake a chance, and it wasn’t till I discovered cold sake that I really made up my mind.   After a modest start, sipping on a new one here and there, I one day was introduced to the Yaegaki craft. And what a craft!

YAEGAKI Dry represents the top of YAEGAKI’s domestic sake line. It is made with rice polished to the extent that the nearly 40% of each grain has been polished away, and is brewed at a low temperature for a long period of time.Full-bodied and slightly acidic, YAEGAKI Dry goes well with a wide variety of foods.

The meaning of Yaegaki implies that there are several layers of flavors.  Thus working wonderfully with different foods… or none at all!  It is also important to highlight that Yaegaki now comes in a 300ml bottle (pictured above), and can be found at a grocery (or specialty) store near you.  Even better, the smaller bottle makes for a perfect Sunday night companion, packing just enough for you to work your way through Dexter and Boardwalk Empire, closing the weekend  with class and style… and no hangovers.

Thanks, Reiko! And here’s one to girl power!

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