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Write the Future | Nike Football

The World Cup is finally just days away and if you haven’t seen the full version of Nike Football’s Write the Future, by the time you do, 13 million people before you already have. Who’s your team?

NIKE Music Shoe

NIKE Free Run+ play the part of the DJ in this online spot from W+K Tokyo.  It’s gotta be the shoes man!

I especially love the disclaimer at the end…

BoSox By Beats

Yanks fans can drool in envy.  I can’t wait to sport these bad boys in enemy territory.  These Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Red Sox Edition headphones are the new sweetness in personalized headphones and will even keep your ears warm too.  They’ll run you $400 a pop but I highly doubt anyone could question your level of fandom.  Maybe Dre will cover Sweet Caroline BA-BA-BA!  Buy them at

Sailing + Anarchy – PUMA Moth Worlds in Dubai

PUMA Ocean Racing takes it to a whole different level of bad ass with their PUMA Moth World Anarchy in Dubai.  I grew up racing 420’s and always cherished the feeling of being in the harness outstretched hiking out over the ocean barely skimming along the surface but PUMA’s new Moth racing class is just crazy.  Imagine a Lotus Elise hydroplaning over the water…I’ve got to check out what ‘Foiling’ is all about.

Edward Prince Jr. COO Digital Strategy – Nat Geo Ventures

National Geographic COO Digital Strategy, Edward Prince Jr. is interviewed by Rafat Ali from during the Abu Dhabi Media Summit last week.  Check out the video interview here.

I’m a huge fan of Nat Geo the brand, the magazine, the cable channel, the photography and pretty much everything they have done since I can remember digging through my father’s extensive collection that dated back to the late 60’s when I was a kid.  There is something special about the experience you feel turning from page to page and the remarkable job they have done to curate, archive and share some of the most compelling cultural works of art+science known to mankind.

National Geographic, I anticipate, will also be one of the thought leaders spearheading the way in which content & media companies migrate from old traditional media to new emerging digital mediums and business models.

Edward speaks about the company’s digital strategy and discusses how Nat Geo utilizes its two key pillars; their cable channel and magazine to draw a % of revenue and re-invest into the digital space (Web, Content Syndication, Gaming, Mobile and ePublishing).  While many media companies rely mainly on an advertising revenue model, Nat Geo is developing apps and going into gaming.  Their website is ad supported but they are banking heavily on the fact that consumers will pay for mobility and see mobility as a great value.  I don’t know about you but I’m willing to compare how that full page print photo compares to the on screen version on the iPad.

World Cup 2010

Chillin!!!  I just can’t wait for the World Cup! Great video in anticipation:

K’NAAN – World Cup 2010

K’NAAN scored the (un)official theme song for the World Cup 2010!  The track is the official Coke WC theme and is also on the World Cup videogame by EA Sports coming out soon.  K’NAAN is the main artist on the track, but you can check out the localized versions below. There is Skank in Brazil and Bisbal in Mexico doing their thing, although nothing beats the original, IMO.  Props to our Somalian-Canadian poet and his squad for this huge accomplishment.

Coca-Cola’s commercial in Brasil with the Skank version below…  I’m not a big fan of how the lyrics were translated, but it works for the region i guess?… I would have gone with a more soulful and rootsy artist from Bahia, the choice of Skank is expected and really not a match with the afro spirit of the WC this year.

And the spanish – and perhaps official? – version with David Bisbal of Mexico:

Nike Brasil Black Pack – The Color of Greatness

Just in time to cure some of your post carnival celebration hangover and in anticipation of the upcoming World Cup Nike drops some supa-dupa dopeness with the Nike Brasil Black Pack.

As a 5-Time International Footbol Champion, Brasil is one of the most feared teams in the world.  Their signature bright yellow, blue and green uniforms and style of play showcase a level of toughness that is proven in their ability to win.  Nike designers followed with one of the most radical concepts to take the Brasilian yellow and turn it black.  “It is the Brasilian Yellow that Scares Them,” A Brasilian player once told the Nike design team.

The entire Black Pack collection is simply fresh but the Packable Jacket (below) is my personal favorite.

NBA Autotune – Where Clutch Happens

Where Amazing Happens.  The NBA got something right here.  Big Shots.  Crunch Time.  One Second Left.  Jay may not like it (his Nets! either) and it may be March Madness time but this spot has got me pumped.  Thinking about what’s coming around the corner.  This year’s NBA Playoffs should hopefully display some entertaining drama.

NIKE: The Human Chain

“How quickly are you gonna get up?”

NIKE once again delivers a dramatically beautiful spot for it’s Winter Olympic campaign, featuring the sound of indie-rockers The Hours’ “Ali In The Jungle.” The song, a personal favorite, was first featured in EA Sport’s FIFA 08 soundtrack released in October 2007.  Check out the full track here:

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FIFA – How Big Can Football Get?

I love soccer and this commercail just made me want the World Cup to get here even faster. I’ve also been playing FIFA since 97,’ and both the 98 and 2001 versions remained my personal favorites till now.  FIFA 10 has managed to score higher than any of the previous releases of the game, and from every angle too. From the graphics to the game play to the animated crowd chanting along your every move, the game has been in heavy rotation on my 360  since it’s release.