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Don’t Let Me Fall

“Now I’m in your house… now I’m in your souls…”

Staying on topic and not intentionally.  But I woke up to an email from Ethan Lader, who directed B.o.B.’s video for “Nothing On You” and just finished the music video for B.o.B.’s latest single, “Don’t Let Me Fall.”  Just the other day I was surfing channels and came across an acoustic performance of this song on Palladia.  It’s hypnotizing, I couldn’t switch until it was over.  His delivery fuels me in such a way that it awakens all the butterflies inside and makes my whole body warm up.  I just love this feeling and love it more when music does that.  Check out below Bobby Ray’s latest single “Don’t Let Me Fall.”

“What goes up, must come down, but don’t let me fall” … can you feel it?!!

B.o.B. Is A Beast

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray is a musical genius.  At only 19, the Atlanta-native began his path to world take-over.  From his lyrics, to his flow, to his production styles, B.o.B. is one of the few new artists that has true substance with a natural gift to entertain.   His debut album features hit singles “Nothing On You” and “Airplanes,” and was pretty hard to miss, no matter where you were in the world.  The album also highlighted the artist’s pop sensibility and quickly established it’s singles in the mainstream.     Side note: That also brought out the haters and those who challenged him as a hip-hop act.   Well, crazy.  Hip-hop is a fusion of sounds & cultures… a musical manifestation of souls, and B.o.B. is capable of doing just that.  So, if you have been hungry for some new material (treats!) or if you still have doubts about his hip-hop excellence (insane!), be on the lookout for B.o.B.’s No Genre Mixtape, unleashing December 7.   Below, check out the video for the properly titled track “Beast Mode.”

Coachella 2010 Day 3 Round-Up

Last day and we want to make the most of it. We drive so we can leave whenever and we also got there much earlier. Walking into B.o.B. singing “I’ll Be In The Sky” set the tone for the musical heaven ahead of us.  B.o.B. also did what most hip-hop artists can’t do, he owned that main stage! Mayer Hawthorne had a great drawing and it was a nice surprise to see how diverse the crowd was too. We heard a few De La Soul tracks and went over to watch Brooklyn’s most adorable & bad ass duo, Matt & Kim. Those kids put on the most energy-fueled set of the festival, being the stand-out act for many concert-goers. Even the dance police  showed up for it! Also caught the last song by Florence & The Machine, when drink time arrived.

Short break and it’s time for Jonsi. Loved watch him play as well as the outfit he was wearing. Extra points for pulling that off  during day-time at Coachella. Charlotte Gainsbourg totally held her own at the Gobi tent and I got to hear my favorite tunes “Trick Pony” and “Heaven Can Wait.”  Miike Snow delivered another top performance of the weekend and I could not leave until they played the last note.  Off to Phoenix (after Sly Stone failed to appear), the French rockers too got us “grounded” until their set was completely over, so good.  Pavement was kind of blah, so we went to sweat it off at the Sahara tent with Orbital. Enough of a work out, we peaked at Little Boots – over-rated – and head over to meet the crew for Tom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace. What an amazing show!

It was during their set that I witnessed my favorite non-music moment of Coachella: A girl walks-up to us and asks if we lost a camera, we say no and command her for her nice gesture. She walks away and we talk about how cool it is that she is looking for the owner, a girl a few heads ahead of us turns around at the sound of the world camera… “lost camera? you found a camera?”… wow! The other girl comes back and gives her the camera and it was like a spotlight descended from the skies over the two of them while they hugged. Applauses all around. And great karma too!

Now all there is left is the one and only reason I motivated so eagerly to spend the kind of money it takes for a weekend at Coachella. Gorillaz. There, between the two front speakers staring right at the middle of the stage, I had the most amazing time of the entire weekend!  From the intro with Snoop on the big screens, to appearances by Little Dragon, Bobby Womack, Gi-Scott Heron, De La Soul and more, they played an impeccable live set, the real band right in front of our eyes, and full of visual stimulation.  The only thing that could have made it better, was if they had played “Pirate Jet,” lol.  Not complaining, perfect ending to another magical time in the desert!

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray


One of the most talented artists out there now, B.o.B. finally gets the light he deserves with the hit single Nothin’ On You featuring Bruno Mars. The song has made its way to the Billboard Rhythmic Top 10 Airplay Charts, fastest than any other debut since Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”  B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, his debut album on Atlantic Records, comes out on April 27th showcasing his versatility and true musical genius. Bob can play several instruments and produces most of his music, not to mention,  the depth of his imagination is transparent in his story-telling and entertaining flow.  What out for the kid! The video for the single was shot in LA and finally came out today: