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Playmobil Rio Art Intervention

Combining two of my favorite things, Rio and Playmobil – creator Rodrigo Pereira who is a popular art/intervention artist in Rio, Brasil has produced other public installation works in Rio previously but none as playful and creative as this Playmobil parking barricades ‘public works improvement project.’

Part street-art, part graffiti, this is a public art intervention that is not only brilliant but also additive to the community.  More urban communities should welcome and support local artists for more of the same.  I mean who really wants to stare at a bunch of grey concrete barriers anyway?  When I was a kid Playmobil was the shit.  I remember thinking I was so cool for having the Playmobil pirate ship, that was until my best friend’s older brother became completely obsessed and created an entire Playmobil universe in their basement complete with spaceship and castles.  Thanks for the memories.  Check out Rodrigo’s Flikr for more pix.