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The Invisible Man

A process that takes on average 10 hours to prepare for each photograph, is a way for 38 year-old Liu Bolin to express how he sees himself in his society, and how invisible he feels to the world.    It’s inspiring how he turns a feeling that would depress and drag-down most, into a very creative form of self-expression and art.   His social protest is a quiet but carefully crafted one, leaving us with images that get the message across loud and clear.

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Dennis Hopper – The Artist

When I saw Dennis Hopper on the news this week it deeply saddened me and reminded me of how big a fan I am of his craft.  The clip above shows Dennis from his early days.  Currently, in a battle for his life against cancer I prefer to share more of a living tribute and send our well wishes to Dennis and his family.  I can only hope that the rumors are true and the MoCa museum will be featuring an exhibit dedicated to the photographer’s ’60’s period pieces.  Dennis Hopper starred in such film classics as Rebel Without A Cause, Easy Rider (which he co-wrote and won Best Original Screenplay at Cannes), Blue Velvet and Apocalypse Now.  Hopefully, more people will also be able to share and experience Dennis Hopper the photographer, painter and sculpture.